Study of variations in the shape of the suprascapular notch in dried human scapula

Authors:Pragna Patel, S V Patel, S M Patel, Badal Jotania, Sanjay Chavda, Dhara Patel
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3162- 3164  |  PDF File  |  Category: Basic medical sciences


Aim:-The aim of the study was to determine the variation of the shape of suprascapular notch of scapula because the shape of the suprascapular notch may be a factor in nerve compression. Method:-A total 80 dried human scapula were included in the study from Government Medical College Bhavnagar, they were grossly examined for variation of shape of suprascapular notch. Result:-During examination three types of shape of suprascapular notch were found. 38(47.50%) scapulae had ‘U’ shaped, 28(35%) scapulae had ‘J’ shaped and 6(7.50%) scapulae had ‘V’ shaped. The absence of the notch was also noted in 5(6.25%) scapulae and notch is converted in to a foramen by ossification of superior transverse scapular ligament were also found in 3(3.75%) scapulae. Conclusion:-This study may help to correlate suprascapular nerve entrapment with a specific type of shape of suprascapular notch.