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A study of coronary heart disease and the associated risk factors in lucknow district, india

Authors:M.Z.Idris, R.K. Saran, S.M. Natu
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3018- 3024  |  PDF File


Cardiovascular disease is progressively becoming a major cause of morbidity and mortality in India generally in young adults.The objective of the present was to study the prevalence of CHD among adult population of Lucknow District. For this a community based cross sectional study was done on 4 randomly selected villages and 8 randomly selected urban areas .1047 (385 Rural and 662 Urban)subjects over and above the age of 20 years old were surveyed using Questionnaire including general information, physical examination and, Electrocardiography(ECG). It was found that the overall prevalence of CHD based on clinical diagnosis & ECG was 7.1% with 8.8%in Urban area and 3.8% in Rural area.(p<0.01).The prevalence was higher in females 8.9% as compared to males 6.2% (p<0.001).Diagnosis on the basis of ECG alone was 3.0% in males and 8.1% in females (p<0.05).Isolated Q wave was present in 2.1% subjects while ST segment depression was present in 3.0% of subjects. Rose Angina Questionnaire was positive in 2.7%of the studied population. It is concluded that Coronary Heart Disease is more prevalent in urban as compared to the rural population. Disease was more prevalent in females as in contrast to the hospital setting.