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Rupture uterus during pregnency: a five year study in tertiary care lavel in bastar chattisgarh

Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(3): 3342-3346  |  PDF File


AIM: To study the Uterine Rupture during pregnancy, its incidence, risk factors, maternal and fetal outcome in tertiary level care Bastar, Chattisgarh Objectives: The primary objective of this study is to study Rupture Uterus during pregnancy its incidence, risk factors, maternal and fetal outcome in tertiary level care Bastar (Chhattisgarh). Materials and Methods: This is a hospital based, retrospective study of patients of Bastar region, Chattisgarh, that were admitted and managed in between July 2007 and June 2012. Results: Amongst total 152 (n=152) cases, Out of total 152 (n=152) cases, 140 (n=140) were of Tribal women and remaining (n=12) were of Non-Tribal women. There were 18 (27.36%) cases were due to Rupture Uterus. All 18 (27.36%) Rupture Uterus cases were Tribal women from remote areas. There was no case of Rupture Uterus among Non-Tribal women. The total number of uterine rupture cases was 18 out of 32824 deliveries. The incidence of uterine rupture was 1 in 1823 deliveries. [0.54 Per 1000 deliveries.]. Majority cases belonged to 30 – 32 age group. Maximum 05 (27.77%) cases belonged to 30 – 32 age group and Majority cases were Multigravida. All cases were tribal women of low socioeconomic status. 07 (38.88%) cases were due to Obstructed Labour. 11 (61.11%) cases were due to Uterine trauma caused by uterine manipulation by untrained dais. All 18 (100%) cases were anaemic. 10 (55.55%) cases were referred from other health facilities and 8 cases (44.44%) were admitted directly at tertiary care level. In 09 (49.99%) cases Total Hysterectomy was done. Maternal Mortality was 100% and Foetal Mortality was 100%. There has been considerable decline in Maternal Mortality due to Rupture Uterus. In this study it is found that no case of maternal mortality due to Rupture Uterus has been recorded after December 2011.