Hospital hygiene and communicable disease in rms

Authors:Eng.Suhad Assaf, Ph.Samar Hawwari, Ph.Muhdi Farhan, RN. Deema B.Al- Smadi, ph.Mona Koshman
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(3): 3501-3503  |  PDF File


Objectives: To reduce and prevent the risk of infection and complications, also to improve the basic hygiene practices by health care workers. Methods: This descriptive-analytical study was conducted in 13 hospitals in Jordan from the Royal Medical Services (RMS), between Februarys to April 2013.After providing written Consent, 340 medical workers participated in the questionnaire to collect information. The data were analyzed by reliability statistics (Scale: all variables), descriptive statistics, and other appropriate tests using SPSS software Version 17.0 Results: We found out that the designed questionnaire Fit to our study, since the reliability statistics Shows that (Cronbach's Alpha is 0.878). The Descriptive analysis shows that medical staff agrees with the hygienic procedures in the hospitals of RMS. Conclusion: It is necessary to continue to assure the hygienic Regulations and procedures among the medical Staff in the hospitals of the Royal Medical Services (RMS) through staff induction yearly workshops and training sessions, that help the workers of this important field to be able always up to date with the new techniques and procedures in the basic principles of prevention and control of the infections that may be acquired in health-care.