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Talectomy in the treatment of resistant talipes equinovarus deformity : the indications and results

Authors:Mahmoud AL-Raggad
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(4): 3642-3644  |  PDF File


Background: Talectomy is a common surgical procedure in the treatment of rigid, resistant talipes equinovarus deformity especially in patients with arthrogryposis and spina bifida. The aim of this study is to evaluate the indications and results of talectomy. Patients and Methods: A retrospective review of all patients who underwent talectaomy in the period between 2004 and 2010 at King Hussein Medical Center. We reviewed the result of 48 talectomies in 31 patients with severe, rigid clubfoot. each surgery was analyzed regarding the indication and outcome .Also the description and the back ground of this procedure were included. Results : We reviewed the result of 48 talectomies in 31 patients with severe, rigid clubfoot. The average age at the time of surgery was 3.7 years and the mean follow-up was 5 years. The aim of treatment of these patients is to provide a foot that is plantigrade, painless and can be placed within a standard footwear . 85% of our patients (41feet) who under went talectomy were arthrogrypotic, other 6 cases with spina bifida (13%), and one case for neglected, rigid idiopathic clubfoot( 2%) . Thirty-seven feet ( 77% ) were considered satisfactory, the reminder were improved, further surgeries were done in six cases, but finally all feet could be fitted with shoes and all patients could walk. Conclusion : We conclude that talectomy is an effective procedure in severe , rigid, resistant clubfeet. The main indication is in the treatment of patients with arthrogryposis and spina bifida, also it can be used in neglected, rigid idiopathic talipes equinovarus .