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thyroid dysfunctions in patients with chronic renal failure

Authors:Mohammed Shamsuddin, Mirza Sharif Ahmed Baig , Hemalatha , Shantha Kumari
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(1): 3911-3914  |  PDF File


The present study was conducted to estimate thyroid hormone levels i.e. T3, T4 & TSH and to study the thyroid dysfunctions in patients with chronic renal failure. 30 male patients of aged between 40-70yrs with serum creatinine > 5.5mg/dl & urea > 55mg/dl and dipstick test positive for protein with symptoms of chronic renal failure are taken in the study. Serum levels of T3, T4 & TSH were analysed by using CLIA method and the data obtained by these patient were compared with data from normal individuals of same age group using student t test. It was found that Mean of T3, T4 decreases TSH increases significantly(P<0.05) in cases compare to controls and There is 10% of patients of CRF i.e cases are hypothyroid compare to 0% in controls. There is no hyperthyroidism both in cases & controls.