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Association of different finger prints in relation to abo and rh blood groups

Authors:Anila Koneru, Santosh Hunasgi, Parul Sinha , Surekha R, Vanishree M, Shamala Ravikumar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(3): 4287-4292  |  PDF File


Aims: Traditional methods of personal identification include anthropometry, dermatoglyphics, DNA finger-typing and differentiation by blood groups. Among these, fingerprints are probably the most common biometric technique used in this context, allowing fast and secure identification. In recent years, the potential of finger prints to determine sex and human identification has been well exhibited. However, very few studies have been conducted correlating finger prints with blood groups. Hence the aim is to study the distribution of different finger prints among the subjects with different ABO and Rh blood groups. Methods: The total sample consisted of 200 BDS students comprising of 143 females and 57 males. All the individuals’ finger prints and blood groups were studied. The fingerprint patterns were identified based on the appearance of ridge lines and classified into loops, whorls and arches. Blood groups were analyzed by placing a drop of blood on the slide and treated with anti-sera. The data was statistically analyzed using Z - test. Results: Loops were the predominant pattern; followed by whorls and arches. Majority of the subjects belonged to blood group O; followed by A, B and AB. Statistically in blood group B, frequency of loops was significantly higher as compared to other groups (p<0.001). Further frequency of loops was significantly (p<0.001) highest in Rh-positive subjects and Rh negative subjects had significantly higher proportion of whorls. Conclusion: Our study results showed that there is an association between finger prints and blood groups. Accordingly dermatoglyphics may help in using fingerprints as an important aid in blood group determination and vice versa and thus enhancing the accuracy of finger prints in detection of criminals.