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Usual inguinal hernia with an unusual content

Authors:S Jaiganesh*, A Venkateswaran, V Aswin Kumar, K V Rajasekhar
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(2): 4118-4120  |  PDF File


Inguinal Hernia is the commonest hernia in males. Usually bowel loops or omentum will be seen as contents. But an inflamed appendix is very rarely seen as content. Amyand’s Hernia is a rare type of irreducible inguinal hernia with inflamed appendix/perforated appendix/normal appendix as content. Here this article describing the importance of ultrasound/Computed Tomography in the assessment of hernia sac and its contents before surgery which in turn modifies the way of management. This article describes an adult male presented with inguinal hernia containing an inflamed appendix as content and a brief discussion about few other named hernias.