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Clinicopathological evaluation of unilateral opaque maxillary sinius

Authors:E.Muhammed Afsal , S.A.Swathilal , Binu Raju George
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(3): 4203-4205  |  PDF File


Unilateral maxillary sinus opacification is a relatively common finding on radiographic studies of the paranasal sinuses. A total of 40 patients presented with chronicrhinosinusitis or acute exacerbation who were unresponsive to routine appropriate medical therapy, who on radiological examination revealed unilateral maxillary sinus opacification were selected for this study. Preoperative CT Scan was performed in all patients .On CT Scan there was complete opacification of maxillary sinus on the right side in 40% of cases[16 patients] and on left side in 60% of cases[24 patients]. All patients in the present study underwent endoscopic sinus surgery. At the end of surgery materials collected into 10% formalin–saline solution for histopathological evaluation and in normal saline for fungal culture . Slides were stained with heamatoxylin–eosin stain, and with special stains if necessary. Slides were studied under microscope. Histopathological diagnosis was nasal polyp in 55% of cases{22 patients -allergic nasal polyp 45.5% of cases[10 patients],antrochoanal polyp in 54.5% of cases[12 patients]},inverted papilloma in 7.5%of cases[3 patients],fungal sinusitis in 30% of cases [12 patient],small cell tumour in 2.5%of cases [one patient], Juvenile nasopharyngeal angiofibroma [JNA] in 2.5% of cases[one patient] and squmous cell carcinoma in 2.5% of cases[one patient].