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Vascular stiffness in dipping tobacco users - a pulse wave analysis

Authors:Gladmohesh MI, Rajashree R, Sembulingam K
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(2): 573 – 574  |  PDF File


Background: Tobacco use in the form of dipping tobacco (DT) is on the rise due its cheaper price, long lasting effect and the official ban on smoking tobacco. Tobacco in any form is known for harmful effect on vital systems in the body such as cardiovascular system (CVS) and respiratory system (RS). Dipping tobacco is also equally harmful on these systems. In the present study, the infleunce of dipping tobacco on the changes in the stiffness of arterial wall is explored. Methods: Blood pressure (BP) and finger arterial pulse (FAP) were recorded in 15 dipping tobaco users and 15 non users of tobacco in any form using Digital polywrite. Data were analysed for statistical significance using SPSS.V.17.0. Results: Dipping tobacco users showed statitically significant increase in arterial wall stiffness leading to high BP compared to the non-users of tobacco. Conclusions: Increased arterial wall stiffness is an important earlier marker for devastating adverse effect of DT on cardiovascular morbidity.