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Audiological test outcomes in thrombocytopenia absent radius (tar) syndrome

Authors: Rajkishor Mishra, Preetisahu, DebadattaMahallik
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(4): 4562-4564  |  PDF File


Abstract: - Aim:-The aim of present study in case with Thrombocytopenia absent radius (TAR) syndrome was to evaluate the hearing sensitivity. Methods: TAR syndrome was diagnosed based on the pedigree, laboratory findings (hemogram, platelet count, peripheral smear), bone marrow biopsy, radiological examination. Audilogical test includes behavioural observation audiometry (BOA), immittance audiometry otoacoustic emission, and auditory brainstem response audiometry. Results: Four consecutive audiological evaluations were carried out over time. Results of behavioural observation audiometry revealed normal hearing sensitivity. However auditory brain stem response, otoacoustic emission and immittance audiometry results showed normal hearing sensitivity in the right ear and profound hearing loss in the left ear. Conclusion: To conclude on these case reports pedritician, otologist and audiologist need to be aware of this relevant information and take immediate steps to provide services to patients. Regular follow‑up of the clients is an important aspect as it is highlighted in present study.