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Giant trichoblastoma of leg: a rare uncommon site presentation.

Authors: Haren V. Oza, . Jignasa N. Bhalodia, Kinara A. Patel, Palak J. Modi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(2): 5021-5023  |  PDF File


Trichoblastoma is a benign dermal basaloid epithelial and stromal neoplasm showing complex architectural relationship between the epithelium and stroma reminiscent of germinal hair follicle. It shows differentiation toward the primitive hair follicle. It presents as slowly growing, solitary, well-circumscribed nodule, located predominantly in the head and neck with predilection for the scalp. The trunk, proximal extremities and the perianal and genital regions may be affected. It is rarely encountered in the distal extremities. Majority of Trichoblastoma are less than 2 cm in size with occasional examples of giant trichoblastoma sometimes reaching several centimeters.