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Cautery versus scalpel - a study on surgical incisions

Authors:Siva Rama Krishna Valluru & Co-Authors: Babji.K
Int J Biol Med Res. 2016; 7(4): 5771- 5772  |  PDF File


CAUTERY VERSUS SCALPEL - A STUDY ON SURGICAL INCISIONS Siva Rama Krishna Valluru1 Babji.K2 1.Govt.General Hospital ,Kakinada. 2. Govt.General Hospital ,Kakinada Abstract Surgeons used to feel cumbersome with skin bleeding while making surgical Incisions with scalpel. After invention of diathermy surgeons felt comfort in controlling tissue bleeding. Even though we are traditionally using scalpel for skin incisions, incisions made by High Frequency cautery are of more cosmetic, less time taking, less bleeding, less post operative pain , no ill effects on wound healing. Present data & literature available suggests that diathermy incisions are better than scalpel Incisions. In the present study cautery incisions are compared with scalpel incisions