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Automated body fluid analysis – a comparative evaluation of diagnostic performance of abotts cell dyn ruby & sysmex -xt 2000i

Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(4): 5236-5239  |  PDF File


Background :- Body fluid cell counts are a routine laboratory test that provides valuable information to clinicians for diagnosing and treating a wide variety of medical An Automated Analyser can screen large number of body fluids in less time, with more precision & the results should be comparable to manual hemcytometer counting method. Manual total WBC count & differential count were compared with the results obtained from Abotts CELL DYN RUBY & SYSMEX – XT 2000i. Methodology : - The Comparative analysis of body fluid sample by Manual method & Cell Dyn Ruby showed p value < 0.05 which is statistically significant & Sensitivity of Ruby= 95.4 % & Specificity= 96.4 %. Conclusion. Most of the laboratories are using Automated Analyzer for body fluid analysis as it is less time consuming. Abotts Cell Dyn Ruby can perform fluid analysis very precisely & with small quantity of fluid. It offers extra advantage by giving alert/ flag if malignant cells are present. It is safe to say that cell Dyn Ruby is the best among all Analyzers for body fluid analysis & it will completely replace manual method of counting cells in near future. We personally recommend that each fluid sample should be mandatorily run in Ruby to screen for WBC count & malignant cells.