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Frequency of different ent injuries and maxillofacial fractures in central india, chattisgarh, india

Authors:Indurkar Pallavi , Siddiqui Yasmeen , Mungatwar Varsha
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(3): 5166-5169  |  PDF File


INTRODUCTION: In India maxillofacial injuries are among the common ones that present to emergency department. Maxillofacial injury can be defined as injury to the facial soft tissue, skeleton and other associated structures resulting deformity or destruction of jaw and eyes. MATERIAL & METHOD: The cases were documented as per proforma, noting name, age, sex, education, religion, socioeconomic status, occupations, mode of trauma and clinical history were recorded and also noted the past H/o of different complaints of ear, nose, throat and face. X-rays and CT scan were done to identify fractures of different maxillofacial region. RESULTS: Results of this study showed that among 150 patients, 122 (81.33%) were males, maximum 62 (41.33%) patients were in 21-30 years of age group, the face was the commonest site of maxillofacial injuries (73.33%), followed by nose (67.33). The nasal bleeding (78.67%) was commonest noted symptom and assaults were the most common cause (48%) of facial injury and nasal bone was the commonest fractured bone (32.66%), CONCLUSION: The incidence of maxillofacial injuries were maximum in age group of 21-30 years and male were more prone for maxillofacial trauma. The most common symptom in present series was epistaxis. Nasal bone was the most commonly fractured bone and assault was the commonest cause of facial injury as compared to road traffic accident. This study showed that increase number of interpersonal violence responsible for facial injury