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Effect of fast tempo songs on heart rate of young adults

Authors:Manibalan Vijayaraman , Gunasekaran Ramanathan
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(4): 5308-5310  |  PDF File


Abstract Earlier studies show listening music has effect on heart rate however, the rationale of the present study was to find whether the different kind of tempo songs have affect on heart rate (HR). For these study normal, healthy medical students 19-21 years, both sexes were selected (N30). In four different stages their HR, was measured 1) Baseline (without any stimulus) 2) before exercise (songs played) 2) after 5-6 min exercise using Bi-cycle Ergo meter (no song played) 4) after exercise, slow tempo 60-70 beats/ min, medium 80-90 beats/ min and fast tempo 120-160 beats / min songs were played (2.5-3 min) with a resting period of 30 min between one tempo to another tempo song. The result shows that the fast tempo songs significantly (P<0.005) increases the HR, when compare to other tempo songs it indicate that fast tempo song has effect on HR