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Detection of esbl and ampc production among mdr uropathogens in a tertiary care centre in kerala

Authors:Neethu John, Girija K.R, Lancy J
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(4): 5226-5229  |  PDF File


UTI is a very common community as well as healthcare acquired infection. MDR organisms are now increasingly found in these infections. So a study is carried out on these MDR uropathogens to detect their antibiotic resistance mechanisms and to study the local antibiograms. Aim:1.To detect the presence of ESBL & AmpC beta-lactamases in the multidrug resistant urinary isolates 2. To study the susceptibility patterns of ESBL and AmpC producing isolates.Methods: ESBL production is detected by double disc diffusion synergy test & phenotypic confirmatory test. AmpC production is detected using combined disc diffusion test using phenyl boronic acid as the inhibitor. Results and conclusion:Out of 150 MDR uropathogens included in the study, 136 (91%) isolates were ESBL positive and 14 (9%) were negative. Among the 150 MDRs, 16 (10.67%) were found as AmpC producers by combined disk diffusion test using phenyl boronic acid as inhibitor with cefoxitin. ESBL and AmpC co-carriage was found in two isolates.