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Physicians awareness about smoking cessation counselling at king abdulaziz university hospital, jeddah – saudi arabia: a cross sectional study

Authors:A.AlJohaney, M. Asiri, O. BinDajam, H. Jamal, I.AlQassas, T.Shaikhain, A.Ashour, M.Almotawa, A.Alshehri, H.Patwa, A.Alghamdi, S.Alghamdi, M.Aljohani, M.Abonab, A.Alandijani
Int J Biol Med Res. 2015; 6(4): 5303-5307  |  PDF File


Besides being associated with many diseases, smoking has negative impacts on national economy regarding the costs of treating conditions caused by smoking, loss of productivity due to premature death or absenteeism secondary to smoking-related illnesses, and other costs associated with smoking. Smoking cessation has proven to improve survival and to decrease the risk of having cardiac diseases, respiratory diseases and different types of cancers