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Antibacterial activity of daniellia oliveri, lophira alata, and lannea welwitschii against plasmid-carrying enteric pathogens from lagos, nigeria

Authors:Akinyemi KO; CO Fakorede; BA Iwalokun; AO Oyefolu
Int J Biol Med Res. 2017; 8(1): 5843-5850  |  PDF File


Aim: Three medicinal plants Daniellia oliveri, Lophira alata and Lannea welwitschii were tested for in vitro antibacterial activity and their plasmid eviction potentials on enteric pathogens. Method: Fresh plant materials collected from herbs seller were sun dried and grounded to fine powder. Water and methanol extracts of these plants were obtained by standard methods. Enteric bacterial agents from clinical samples were used. In-vitro antimicrobial susceptibility testing of the bacterial isolates was carried out using commercial antibiotics and the crude plant extracts by standard procedures. Phytochemical screening of the plant extracts was carried by the standard procedure. Plasmid DNA extraction was performed using the alkaline lyses method. Result: The crude methanol extracts of all the plants were effective on MDR strains of Salmonella enterica serova Typhi, S. Typhimurium, Escherichia. coli, Shigella spp and Klebsiella spp used in this study MIC and MBC values of 0.625 to 10 mcg/ml and 5.0 to 20 mcg/ml respectively were recorded for L. welwitschii,, 10 to 20 mcg/ml and 20 to40 mcg/ml for D. oliveri, and 10 to 20 mcg/ml and 20 to40mcg/ml were recorded for L. alata respectively. The plasmid eviction potentials of the crude plants extracts indicated that only crude extract of L. Welwitschii exerted anti-plasmidic effect on Shigella spp, Klebsiella spp, S. Typhimurium, and S. Typhi , as over 60% of these bacterial strains loss their plasmid DNA. Conclusion: This study revealed that methanol extracts of the three medicinal plants were active against enteric bacterial pathogens. The extracts of L. alata and D. oliveri were not active against MDR pathogens thus; their continuous usage should be discouraged. The methanol crude extract of L. welwitschii exerted antiplasmidic effect on MDR enteric pathogens. This finding suggests possibility of a new approach in drug formulation using anti-plasmidic plant extracts for effective management of plasmid encoded drug resistant enteric bacteria-associated diseases