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The efficacy of sidaguri (sida rhombifolia) extract in hyperuricemia induced wistar rats

Authors:Debby Handayati Harahap, Rachmat Hidayat, Theodorus, Azan Farid Wajdi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2017; 8(1): 5866-5869  |  PDF File


Background Uric acid is a metabolic product of exogenous (brought in with food) or endogenous purine bases. Sida rhombifolia is a traditional plant in Indonesia knownas sidaguri, empirically in traditional medicine was proven as a cure of hyperuricemia. Aim of The Study This study was carried in order to investigate the component active of the plant that have an ability to inhibit further uric acid formation in the hyperuricemia wistar rat. Methods An experimental study with pre-post test-control group design. Male Wistar rats (weight, 180-230 g) were induced by potassium oxonate (280 mg/kgBW) and randomized into five groups (6 rats/group). Group 1:negative group. Group 2: positive group (allupurinol 50 mg/kgBW ). Group 3,4 and 5: treatment with extract, each group 250 mg/kgBW, 500 mg/kgBW and 1000 mg/kgBW. Uric acid level were assayed by spectrophotometry and Xanthin oxidase were assayed by ELISA. Result Treatment with extract (250, 500 and 1000 mg/kgBW) and allupurinol 50 mg/kg b.w showed a sigificant decrease in uric acid level compare with the negative control rats with a reduction of 59,26%, 53,25%, 64,56% and 67,53%, respectively.Treatment either extract combination or allupurinol in hyperuricemia rats, significantly decreased Xanthin Oxidase Level (p<0,05) compared with negative control. Conclusion The Sidaguri (Sida rhombifolia) extract showed the ability to decrease uric acid level by decrease the activity of xanthin oxsidase.