Intralesional immunotherapy with bacille calmette-guerin (bcg) vaccine for the treatment of warts: case report and systematic review

Authors:Sahar Alsharif , Hanadi Alzanbagi , Dania Melebari , Norah Firaq
Int J Biol Med Res. 2017; 8(1): 5820-5826  |  PDF File


Abstract Warts are viral infection caused by human papillomaviruses (HPV). It consider one of the common dermatological diseases. The treatment options of warts include topical therapies, and destructive methods. Many of these options are destructive that may result in scarring and all of them are not practical for patients with a large number of warts because they need individual treatment of each wart. New modality of treatment developed that uses intralesional immunotherapy approaches. We present a case of a 21-year-old male who presented with multiple warts over both hands and neck for 1 year duration and not responding to different types of therapy. Intralesional (BCG) vaccine 0.1 ml was injected into the largest and first wart that appeared over the right thumb for three sessions with a two weeks interval. He reached complete clearance at one week after the third session. Follow-up was made every week during the treatment course then every month for 6 months. No significant side effects or recurrence were observed until the time of writing this paper. Our case and review support the use of intralesional immunotherapy with BCG vaccine in the treatment of different types of warts.