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Study of dental fluorosis among primary school children residing in rural area of raichur district, karnataka

Authors:Abhay B Mane , S. Revathi , Pradeep G Savale , C Niranjan Paul , Shashidhar G Hiremath
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(3): 716-720  |  PDF File


OBJECTIVES: 1. To assess the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis using Dean’s index. 2. To compute community fluorosis index(CFI) STUDY SETTINGS & DESIGN: A school based cross sectional study among the primary students residing in the rural area. MATERIALS & METHOD: A total of 647 children who were residents of the study area since birth were examined to identify presence of dental fluorosis and grade it using Dean’s index.CFI was computed by summing the individual grades and dividing by the total sample size. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS: Data was analysed using SPSS 12.0. Data expressed as Proportions and test applied were Chi-square test, Chi-square test for trend and Correlation Coefficient. RESULTS: The prevalence of dental fluorosis was 32.6% in study population.The prevalence was higher in boys and students who consumed bore well water. CFI showed positive correlation with water fluoride levels. The calculated community fluorosis index (CFI) was 0.44 indicating that the prevalence and severity of dental fluorosis was borderline in 4 villages for public health significance in the sample. CONCLUSION: Necessary steps to be taken by authorities to provide partially defluoridated water for drinking purpose.