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Evaluation of the anxiolytic activities of aqueous leaf extract of annona muricata and its effect on the microanatomy of the cerebrum.

Authors:Samuel Okafor OKORONKWO;*Obinna Onwe UCHEWA, Eni. Ogbonnia EGWU, Akudo. Christiana OKORONKWO
Int J Biol Med Res. 2018; 9(2): 6366-6370  |  PDF File  |  Category: Free radical Biology


Anxiety disorder is one of the most common neurological disorders in the world. This study was carried out to investigate the anxiolytic activities of leaf extract of Annona Muricata and its effect on the microanatomy of the cerebrum. The experiment lasted for 7 days, involving 24 adult Wistar rats. Nine (9) rats were used for oral toxicity test, while 15 rats were randomly divided into three groups A, B, and C. A served as the experimental group and received 50mg/kg of aqueous leaf extract of A. muricata, B served as positive control and received 0.5mg/kg of diazepam, while C received served as negative control and received 1mm of distilled water. The anxiolytic activity of the extract was explored using elevated plus maze. In the elevated plus maze, the extract treated rats spent significant time in the open arm and the number of entries into the open arm increased. There was increase in rearing, head dip and grooming in the extract treated group. In the group that received the standard drug only had head dip increased while rearing and grooming decreased. The open arm activities of the extract treated group were comparable to that of positive control i.e the reference standard drug (diazepam). The extract therefore showed anxiolytic activity that is comparable to diazepam. The extract showed a minimal side effect on the microanatomy of the cerebrum when compared to the reference standard drug that caused inflammation of the dendrite cells and mild distortion of molecular layer cells. This distortion can affect cell functions. The result of this work showed that aqueous leaf extract of Annona muricata has anxiolytic effect. In conclusion, the results of the study showed that aqueous leaf extract of Annona muricata has anxiolytic effect on the animal anxiety models.