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Effect of body mass change on arterial wall elasticity in young adults

Authors:Deben Laishram, Glad Mohesh.M.I
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(4): 843- 845  |  PDF File


Obesity classification based on height and weight alone will be not sufficient enough as this doesnot gives the real fat content of the body. Body fat gives a clear picture of the person’s proximity towards cardiovascular diseases. Arterial wall elasticity is lost due to fat deposition in the walls of these arteries which can be detected by doing a plethysmographic pulse wave analysis. Materials and methods: Forty eight age matched individuals are screened for their BMI, blood pressure and pulse wave properties. Data collected were later grouped into four based on their BMI for comparison. One way Annova was done for the analysis. Results: Changes in values of the parameters were found to be significantly decreased or increased depending upon the BMI. Conclusion: As BMI increases the impact of obesity is noted in the arterial walls which develop stiffness which can be easily diagnosed through Pulse plethysmographic analysis. Early screening and treatment or lifestyle modification will do good to the obese subjects well before they land up with some CVS disease.