Maternofetal outcome of post dated pregnancy: a retrospective analysis

Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(2): 7288-7292  |  PDF File


BACKGROUND: Pregnancy beyond dates is one of the most frequent clinical dilemmas faced by the obstetrician. Postdated pregnancy is a universally accepted indication for antenatal fetal monitoring because of the increased risk of antepartum fetal demise with advancing gestational age. METHOD: This study was a retrospective observational study for one year to analyze the maternal and fetal outcome of postdated pregnancies. Data was collected from hospital record and analyzed. RESULTS: In present study, incidence of postdated pregnancy was found to be 6.23 .46% were spontaneous vaginal deliveries, 30% were induced deliveries. LSCS were done in 21% patients and failed induction being the most common indication for LSCS. Maternal complications were seen in 12 (12%) cases and fetal complications were found in 13 (13%) cases. CONCLUSION: Management protocol for postdated pregnancy is fetal surveillance for prolonged pregnancy, induction of labour, during intrapartum care proper monitoring of labour