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To compare creatinine estimation by jaffe and enzymatic method

Authors:Sahaya Merina Augustin, Girish Konasagara shanthaveeranna, Ravi Prakash Deshpande
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(2): 7260-7263  |  PDF File


INTRODUCTION: Creatinine in urine and serum are used in the assessment of renal function. It is commonly estimated by Jaffe’s and enzymatic method. In many institutions, serum creatinine is estimated by (POCT) Point of care testing device (Enzymatic method) and follow up of patients with creatinine results by other method, analyzed in the Biochemistry laboratory. If the results of POCT does not correlate with the Jaffe method, it leads to differences in serum creatinine values and wrong treatment decisions during follow up of patients. Hence, this study was done to know the difference between two methods in a tertiary care hospital. AIM AND OBJECTIVE: To estimate creatinine by Jaffe’s and Enzymatic method and to compare the serum creatinine values between the two methods. MATERIALS AND METHODS: It is an observational cross-sectional study, for a period of 17 months from Nov 2018 to March 2020. 75 samples were analyzed for serum Creatinine by Jaffe’s method in Biochemistry laboratory and by enzymatic method in emergency department in POCT device. RESULTS: Mean difference between Jaffe’s and Enzymatic method were -0.063 mg/dL, 0.070 mg/dL, 0.198 mg/dl and 0.0685 in group I, II, III and all the group together. The overall Intra class correlation coefficient including all the three groups (0.995) indicates a very good correlation between the two methods. CONCLUSION: Our study showed a good agreement and good correlation between two methods, which is similar to other studies analyzed on same instrument