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Associated risk factors in patients attending obesity clinic at medical health camp

Authors:Sachin S Divekar, Umesh S Joge*, Monika S Masare, Pravin R Parise, Meghraj P Puram.
Int J Biol Med Res. 2021; 12(1): 7208-7212  |  PDF File


Background: Overweight and obesity are the accumulation of high body adiposity, which can have detrimental health effects and contribute to the development of numerous preventable non-communicable diseases. This study is based on the whether socio-demographic factors and associated risk factors like life style modification can play a potential role in the increase in adiposity pattern among adult individuals. Materials and Methods: A retrospective record based observational study was conducted to address the study objective. To study the socio-demographic factors among patients attending Obesity Clinic and to estimate risk factors among patients attending Obesity Clinic. All consecutive patients attending Obesity Clinic at medical health camp was considered eligible for participation Results: Total 102 patients attended the obesity clinic out of which 47(46.1%) were male while 55 (53.9%) patients were female Mean age of participants was 34.64 with standard deviation 12.03. It has been found that 9(8.82%) patients had normal BMI, 36(35.29%) were comes under overweight category and remaining 57(55.88%) majority of participants were obese with BMI more than 30. Conclusion: The major conclusion drawn from this study is that risk factors like sedentary life style, consuming junk foods, outside food, ≥ 3 meals per day and non veg diet are associated with higher prevalence of overweight and obesity.