Pulmonary function studies in hyperthyroid females with goiter - before & after thyroid surgery

Authors:G Sugapriya
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(3): 661-663  |  PDF File


Objective Pulmonary function tests are measurements of Physical characteristics such as volume, compliance and also of performance. The aim of this study is to assess the pulmonary functions of female individuals awith goiter having increased thyroxine level and compare the lung function of individuals having goiter before and after thyroid surgery. Experimental Design 50 hyperthyroid female subjects aged between 25 - 40 years with goiter posted for thyroid surgery were selected from department of surgery. After obtaining ethical approval written informed consent was taken from each subject and recordings were done using computerized spirometer. Graphic recording of airflow during maximal inspiration and expiration at different lung volumes were carried out inpatients undergoing surgery for goiter. The same was documented one month later to find whether there is any improvement in flow rates after surgery. Observation. On analysis of the data the subjects were categorized into groups. The mean and standard deviation were calculated for all measured parameters. The significance of difference in the values were analyses using students paired `t’ test before and after one month of surgery and their probability was estimated. Conclusion Following thyroid surgery denotes the changes in the early and mid airway bronchus and bronchioles making us to conclude that the mechanical compression due to enlarged thyroid were responsible. The decrease in FVC, FEF 75% in subjects with goiter could be due to the effect of excess thyroxine on the smooth muscle of the bronchial tree apart from its general metabolic activity on lung parachyma.