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Checking of potency of disinfectant at district level small microbiology laboratory with an example: make own laboratory standard

Authors:Dharmishtha G. Tada, Rupali S. Patil, Nayan G.Tada, Pankaj S.patil
Int J Biol Med Res. 2011; 2(4): 969 -971  |  PDF File


Background: Disinfections must be able to destroy all type of pathogens Disinfectants used in hospital set up play a major key role in the breaking the chain of infection transmission. It is very difficult to trust a new disinfectant for regular uses in hospital directly even though manufacturely claimed. Prior testing is not possible at every place of the world. Aim: To develop a simple method of microbiological challenge to disinfectants. This method can be easily done in small level microbiological laboratory with help of routine bacterial culture testing. Methods and materials: A new disinfectant’s potency is checked against the effective older one’s potency. The potency is checked with the help of a known bacterial organism at different concentrations of disinfectant solutions and also that of the micro organism. Here we have used sodium hypochlorite as the older disinfectant and staphylococcus aureus as the microorganism. Results: Effectively of the disinfectant is recorded as the ability to destruct the microorganism used in challenge test. Discussion: One can have gross idea of at least visible anti bacterial activity of a newly introduced disinfectant prior to use. Conclusion: The spectrum of disinfectant solution against the micro organism including virus, bacteria, and parasite may be very large. The effectively checking against all spectrums is very difficult for the advance laboratories too. such type of testing at local level may help to checking of disinfectant solution -a key factor for infection prevention.