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Species composition and diversity of mosquitoes in selected areas of vellimalai in sirumalai hills

Authors:S.Amala , V. Anuradha
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(1): 1281-1283  |  PDF File


Sirumalai hills a part of Eastern Ghats situated at the south of Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu, has four types of vegetation –scrub jungle, dry deciduous forest, ever green forest and savannah grass lands. The present study was carried out at an altitude of 500m in scrub jungle eco system for a period of six months. Immature forms of mosquitoes were collected by dipper method and reared in the laboratory and the emerged adults were identified. A total number of 481 mosquitoes were collected that belonged to 3 genera and 13 species. The dominant genus was anopheles followed by aedes. The vector species of chikungunya Ae.albopictus larvae and secondary malarial vector An.maculatus larvae were collected more in number.