Study of immune profile during different phases of menstrual cycle

Authors:Sadiqua Begum, Ashwini S
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(1): 1407-1409  |  PDF File


Background and Objectives: Menstrual cycle is the cyclical phenomenon characterized by periodic vaginal bleeding, influencing all the systems of the body. Interaction between the reproductive system & immune cells plays an important immunoregulatory role. The present study was taken up to study the variations in the blood leucocytes during different phases of menstrual cycle. Materials & Methods: 40 healthy women in the age group of 18-25 years with regular menstrual cycles of 30▒2 days duration participated in the study. Women with irregular cycles, gynecological disorders, history of prolonged drug intake were excluded from the study. Total Leucocyte Count (TLC), Absolute Eosinophil Count (AEC) & Differential Leucocyte Count (DLC) were analyzed during the menstrual phase, proliferative & secretory phase during a single cycle. The data collected was statistically analyzed. Results: There was a statistically significant increase in total leucocyte count during secretory phase. In differential leucocyte count, there was a significant increase in the neutrophil percentage during secretory phase. Lymphocyte count increased during proliferative & secretory phase. Conclusion: This study attempted to understand the normal variation in the leucocytes during different phases of menstrual cycle which may help in understanding various disorders.