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A study of electrocardiogram variations among agricultural workers in rural area of east godavari district, andhra pradesh, south india.

Authors:Venkata Venu Gopala Raju Srijampana, Avinash P Tekade
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1538-1539  |  PDF File


To study and estimate the prevalence Electrocardiogram variations among the agricultural workers. Materials and methods: A cross sectional study was conducted in selected agricultural workers of rural area of East Godavari district. One hundred agricultural workers (30-40 yrs old) were included in the study with specific inclusion and exclusion criteria. The study was conducted from May to July 2011 (3 moths). Mean and standard deviation values for all the parameters were calculated. QTc was calculated by Bazett’s formula and 0.35 sec to 0.43 sec was considered as normal range for QTc. Results: Prolonged QTc (time corrected QT interval) was seen in 25% individuals (n=100). Sinus Bradycardia was found in 3%, (all were aged above 35 yrs). Conclusion: A high prevalence of Prolonged QTc among agricultural workers was found. It is important to understand the normal ECG and its variations among the agricultural workers, in interpretation of the disease states and treating them.