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Observations on aseptic precautions during procedures,preintervention & postintervention

Authors:Abhay Bagul,Shikhar Jain
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 1972-1974  |  PDF File


Aims & objectives - Observe aseptic precautions followed by health care workers in some selected procedures.. Find out reasons for observed shortcoming. Prepare a strategy for improving shortcomings and implement the same on individual basis and unit basis. Reevaluate after 7 days and after 1 month of implementing the strategy. Methods - Observation on aseptic precaution were done during procedures performed in NICU, PICU and ward by health care workers.Observations were done by investigator & selected observer.Observations checked against prepared standard checklist. Reasons for observed shortcomings were elicited by a questionnaire given in proforma. Intervention was done at individual and unit basis. Observations were repeated post-intervention after 7 days to find out the short term effect and after 1 month to find out longer-term effect of intervention. Design-Descriptive observational study.Study period 1 years.Result- Aseptic precautions were followed fully only in 42% cases and this adherence increased to 86% (t value 7.99, P < 0.01) after 7 days of intervention. After 1 month of intervention it decreased to 70% (t value 3.40, P < 0.01), however, it was still higher than preintervention (t value 4.89, P < 0.01).Conclusion -Deficiencies in taking aseptic precautions during procedures can be improved significantly by interventions like education and improving facilities. The effect of interventions tends to wean off quickly with time and therefore, regular supervision and education is necessary for optimal compliance to aseptic precautions.