Evidence based review of physiotherapeutic management strategies in patients with parkinsonism

Authors:Vanshika sethi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1884 Ė 1888  |  PDF File


Introduction: Parkinsonís disease is a progressive neurological condition occurring due to loss of dopamine producing cells and patients with Parkinsonism have difficulties in initiating movements,tremors,Shuffling gait,balance impairments, dual task interference. Studies suggest that the characteristic motor symptoms of the disorder are frequently accompanied by impairments in cognition that are most profound in tasks of executive function. Management: Various Physiotherapeutic treatment stratergies are utilized till date according to severity of the disease. Meg E. Morris etal. in 2010 in their study titled striding out with Parkinsonís disease evidence based physical therapy for gait disorders concluded that comprehensive client centered physical therapy for people with Parkinsonís disease is based on compensatory strategies to bypass the defective basal ganglia. Brief summary of other possible strategies used in management of Parkinsonís disease have been included and forms the basis of this study.