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Effect of chronic cigarette smoking on intraocular pressure and audio-visual reaction time

Authors:Afroz Afshan , Milind V Bhutkar, Rajashree Reddy , Revansiddappa B.Patil
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1760 – 1763  |  PDF File


Background:- Cigarette smoking can alter intraocular pressure[IOP] and hence the person becomes vulnerable to disease like Glaucoma. Nicotine is a factor affecting reaction time due to its stimulant property.Aims- To measure and compare the IOP, auditory and visual reaction time in control and smoker groups. Methods:-100 males aged 40-60yrs were considered for the study. Out of them 50 non smokers were control group and 50 smokers were test group. IOP was measured by Schiotz tonometer after application of local anesthetic and 3 readings of both eyes were taken. The audio visual reaction time was recorded by Reaction Timer, 3 readings of each hand were considered and finally average of 3 readings was taken and student’s “t” test was used.Interpretation:- We observed a significant effect of cigarette smoking on intraocular pressure of both eyes [p>0.001].In our study we found that the reaction time to green and red color is decreased in smokers group, compared to control group [p>0.001].We also found that the reaction time to high pitch and low pitch sound is decreased in smokers group in comparison to control group [p>0.001]. Conclusion: - We observed that tobacco in the form of cigarette smoking increases the intraocular pressure. Cigarette smoking is known to cause a stimulant effect on central nervous system and produce a faster simple reaction time.