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Distribution, habitat and medicinal uses of some impartant flora of dachigam national park srinagar(j&k)

Authors:Aijaz Ahmad Itoo,P.N Shrivastava, R.C Saxsena,Irshad Ahmad Baba
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(2): 1586 -1588  |  PDF File


Abstract:- The forests of westeren Himilayas particularly the temperate forests have been reliably identified as a ‘Biodiversity hot spot” a global priority for the conservation of Biodiversity.Dachigam National Park Srinagar(j&k), located admist the boundry of western himilaya region.In the current study distribution of flora species and habitat maps were developed in the sighting date, vegetation type and other terrain factors incuding altitude,slope and aspect.The current paper reports 6 Medicinal plants belonging to 6 different families of Dachigam National Park are identified,which are being used by the people of study area.The study was carried out by interviewing more than 100 informants, involving 50 males, 30 females and 20 herbalists.The medicinal herbal data sheet was incorporated to get the detail information on the specific plant used by the inhabitants.The present investigation provides baseline information of the flora of Dachigam National Park,Srinagar (j&k) for their biological activity.