Socio-demographic profile, awareness regarding hiv/aids and self reported sexual behavior of men having sex with men in ahmedabad, india

Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2126-2131  |  PDF File


Aims and objectives:The main objectives of the study were to describe socio-demographic characteristics, to assess knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS and to assess sexual behaviour among men who have sex with men (MSM) living in Ahmedabad. Materials and Methods: A survey was carried out among 172 MSM aged 18 years and above and recruited through the snowball technique or in MSM-identified venues. A semi-structured questionnaire was conducted among them. Results: Out of 172 participants, Ninety one percent were between 18-47 years, eighty four percent were literate, fifty two percent worked as labourers. Forty six percent were married ,Seventy six percent had information about non-penetrative methods of safe sex, Eighty eight percent had sex with irregular male partners during last one month. Conclusion: A large proportion of MSM in Ahmedabad still remains at elevated risk for contracting HIV infection. Study participants had information regarding HIV and its transmission routes and preventive practice, but high risk sexual behavior was evident in the form of high number of sexual partners and inconsistent practice of safe sex.