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Effect of chronic stress exposure on behavioral responses of male albino rats

Authors:P. Potaliya, S.k.kataria, A. Dadhich
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2247-2249  |  PDF File


AIM: Stress is an adaptive response or consequence of stimuli. Stimuli may be an action, situation or psychological/physical demand on an individual. This study was done to understand the effect of chronic stress exposure in a continuous manner on the behavior of an individual. METHOD: Animal model using male albino rats were selected and exposed to four kinds of stresses viz. intermittent maternal deprivation, Restraint stress, Electric foot shock stress and Noise stress from birth to 17 weeks of age. Behavioral alterations were observed and compared with control.RESULT AND CONCLUSION: A marked variation in behavioral pattern including routine and specific both was observed. Most significant variations were observed immediately after exposure to stress but later frequency and severity altered.