Histogenesis and developmental anatomy of human foetal liver in relation with gestational age

Authors:K.Satheesh Naik, S.Lokanadham, V.Subhadradevi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2221-2223  |  PDF File  |  Category: Basic medical sciences


In the present study liver specimens were collected from formalin fixed 27 aborted foetuses (12 male, 15 female) between 5weeks to 40 weeks of gestational age. The dissected specimens were preserved in 10% formalin and subjected to routine histological procedure for age related histogenesis and developmental anatomy. In the present study we observed that there was a delay in the appearance of sinusoids and Kupffer cells along with the bile duct system in the histogenesis of the liver. We observed the aggregation of hepatocytes and early stage of haemopoiesis at 5-6weeks of gestational age Delay in the histogenesis of the liver cells leads to histopathological abnormalities which gives knowledge to the clinicians during clinical procedures.