Age, sex, race, geographical influence and clinical outcome in patients of hiv co-infection with tuberculosis

Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2218-2220  |  PDF File


Infection with HIV results in progressive immunodeficiency and renders the infected person increasingly vulnerable to wide range of pathogens. The immune defects produced by HIV influence the natural history of tuberculosis infection. Study aimed to determine incidence of HIV in case of tuberculosis (pulmonary and extra pulmonary) and to compare our data with the studies carried out in different parts of India. Total 129 patients of tuberculosis studied out of them 17 were reported seropositive for HIV. Highest incidence were among males 16(17.5%), whereas age group at most affected were of 31-40 years. Maximum cases of TB with HIV seropositive belonged to Urban Population 12 (13.9%) than the rural 05 (11.6%). While occupation did not showed any significant relation with the seropositive HIV, however highest incidences were among truck drivers, followed by businessmen, service person etc.