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Morphometry of supraorbital notches/foramina and surgical relevance

Authors:Jatin B Goda* , Shailesh M Patel , Laxmi N. Chandravadiyaa, S V Patel
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(1): 2748-2751  |  PDF File


Abstract Aims: Our aim of study was to find out exact location and dimensions of supraorbital notch/foramen (SON/F) in order to facilitate safe mobilization of the supraorbital nerve during various surgeries. Methods: Supraorbital notches (SON) and supraorbital foramina (SOF) were studied on both sides in 65 dry human skulls by direct observation and measurements were taken by using digital vernier caliper. Results: SON was found in 63.85% of observations, SOF was found in 30.77% of observations, Absence of features was found in 5.38% of observations. 14.61% of observations showed accessory supraorbital foramina. The mean distance of supraorbital notch/foramen (SON/F) from the nasal midline was 22.59±3.34mm on the right side and 21.38±3.40mm on the left side, the mean distance from SOF/N to frontozygomatic suture was 27.13±2.84mm on right side and 28.12±2.12 mm on the left side, while the mean distance of SOF from supraorbital rim was 1.63±0.86mm on right side and 1.71± 0.98mm on the left side. Conclusion: The knowledge of location of the SON/F is important for clinicians while performing endoscopic surgeries, orbital roof plate surgeries and regional nerve blocks.