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Why Publish in IJBMR?

An international peer-reviewed publishing online journal

Open access means that your work will always be freely available to the world from our Web site. And open access translates into greater usage and more citations.

Results Published FAST

IJBMR couples efficient and objective peer review with a streamlined electronic production workflow.

Rigorous peer-review

Too often a journal’s decision to publish a paper is dominated by what the Editor/s think is interesting and will gain greater readership-both of which are subjective judgments and lead to decisions which are frustrating and delay the publication of your work. IJBMR will rigorously peer-review your submissions and publish all papers that are judged to be technically sound. Judgments about the importance of any particular paper are then made after publication by the readership (who are the most qualified to determine what is of interest to them).

Inclusive scope

Most conventional journals publish papers from tightly defined subject areas, making it more difficult for readers from other disciplines to read them. IJBMR has no such barriers, which helps your research reach the entire scientific community.

Submit Now

To submit your work to IJBMR, please read our author guidelines, ensure that your work meets our editorial policies, ensure that you have reviewed our submission checklist, and submit your article. Register yourself as an author and submit the manuscript by clicking online submission. In case any problem through the on line submission authors are invited to submit their manuscripts through Journal email address (ijbmronline@gmail.com) along with a covering letter preferably by the corresponding author or first author. Each manuscript will be provided with a manuscript ID and all correspondence is done through e-mail. Please always refer to the manuscript ID for any further enquiries.

  • Bibliographic Information : Online : ISSN No - 0976-6685
  • Free access, Peer Reviewed, International, Biomedical journal
  • Includes all Biological and Medical research
  • Unique and extensive author support
  • Regular publication every Quarterly - 4 issues (January, April, July & October) per year.
  • Quick and easy communication between Editors and Authors
  • Multidisciplinary - wide scope journal
  • Journals own Online submission and Manuscript Management system: BioMedSciDirect Publication
  • Pre-Publication Peer review
  • Post-Publication Peer review utility: Reader Comments section
  • Easy down load of bibliography
  • Free full text availability of articles in PDF format
  • Email notifications on new issue release
  • Regularly crawled by all major search engines ( Google, Yahoo, msn)