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A study of dermatoglyphic patterns in deaf mute children

Authors:S. N.Gosavi *, Vatsalaswamy P
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2369-2373  |  PDF File


One hundred and fifty established cases of congenital deafness in the age group of five to fifteen years were studied to understand their dermatoglyphic patterns and compared with a control group of hundred respective parents and siblings, with a view to observe the role of inheritance. Inkpad method described by Cummins and Midlo was used. Inverted T pad, ink slab made of plain glass, A4 size computer paper, cyclostyling ink was used to obtain the prints. Finger patterns were studied according to Galton’s classification and Bhanu’s classification. Various parameters like C line termination, presence of pattern in interdigital area were studied in the palm. Increased frequency of whorls in both groups and increased frequency of radial patterns in parents and siblings were observed. Significant bilateral difference in C line termination was observed in both the groups.