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Study of morphological features of clavicle in the population of vidarbha region of maharashtra

Authors:Trupti Keshavrao Balvir, Prashant Badwaik , J V Deshpande, Anil S Rahule, Mohammed Shakeel, Mohammed Bashir, Ap Kasote
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2535-2537  |  PDF File


OBJECTIVES: Morphometric study is concerned with the study of morphology and measurement of various parameters. Since according to geographical area, nutritional status and race variations exists in humans beings, we planned the present study to know the morphological differences in the clavicle of the population of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra India. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Sixty fully ossified clavicle belonging to 48 males and 12 females were studied. Different parameters used were rhomboid impression and subclavian groove. Rhomboid impression was divided into six different types as Type-1 to Type- 6. Rhomboid impression and subclavian groove was assessed in areas as absent, small, medium or large in both sexes. RESULTS: Type- 1 and Type- 2 rhomboid impression occurs more frequently on both the sides. Large size (52.08%) rhomboid impression was present in male clavicle while in females medium size (41.65%) was more common. Large size subclavian groove was more common (43.75%) in male clavicles while in female small size (45.83%) was more common. CONCLUSION: Morphological features can be used to some extent for differentiation of sex. However the accuracy of the result is multiplied many folds if these are coupled with the metrical methods.