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Morphology and morphometry of acetabulum

Authors:Gaurang Parmara, Srushti Rupareliab, S V Patelc, S M Patelb, Nishita Jethvaa.
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(1): 2924-2926  |  PDF File


Environment play an important role in the development of human beings. It was thought that the change in the environment might have lead to some kind of change in parameters of the bony component of the hip joint, as well as acetabulum. Anterior acetabular ridges , Diameter of the acetabulum and depth of acetabulum are important in the surgical treatment of acetabular fractures and total hip arthroplasty also understanding the rarity of primary osteoarthritis. This study is value to the forensic experts, orthopaedicians and prosthetics as it gives the dimensions of acetabulum. Objective of this study is to determine the relationship between acetabular depth and its diameter. The study was conducted in the department of the anatomy, Government medical college Bhavnagar in Gujarat. 100 Dry Hip bone of adult human being was taken and data of diameter and depth of acetabulum taken by digital sliding verniar caliper and sensitive compass. Correlation between morphometrical parameter where analyzed using Pearson’s test <1 was the significant level.Regarding the anterior acetabular ridge shape majority was curved (61%), Straight (20%), and Irregular (19%). Mean value for acetabular depth and diameter were 26.16 + 7.69mm and 49.23 + 7.91. This data is helpful in hip arthroplasty, treatment of hip joint fractures, diagnosis of congenital hip dysplasia also in forensic medicine, orthopadician.