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Nutritional status and productivity of female tea pluckers of a tea garden in dooars, west bengal

Authors:Sudipta Kundu, Shilpi Kumari Prasad, Bithin Maji, Dibyendu Ray, Alak Kumar Syamal, Sandip Mukherjee (Corresponding Author),
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3101 - 3106  |  PDF File


AIMS: This study was proposed to investigate the association, if any, between nutritional status and work productivity in female tea pluckers of tea garden in Dooars, West Bengal. . METHODS: All women who had worked as tea pluckers during the immediately preceding month excluding those who were pregnant, were recruited for this study. Socio-demographic variables, health and diet variables were surveyed. Different physiological and anthropometric variables and haemoglobin concentration were measured. RESULTS: Out of 100 female tea pluckers 90 pluckers were found to be anaemic (Hb concentration less than 12g/dL) and 44 pluckers had evidence of BMI (kg/m2) less than 18.5. A strong correlation in between anaemia and productivity were observed (P<0.001). Female tea pluckers with lower haemoglobin concentration, lower BMI and lower mid upper arm circumference showed less productivity. Much lower haemoglobin concentrations were found in subjects with lower standard of living index. CONCLUSION: Adequate dietary supply were required to the workers engaged in tea plucking. Nutritional status of this population can be ameliorated through creating health awareness, nutritional intervention and overall improvement of socioeconomic conditions of female tea pluckers.