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Comparative study of palmar dermatoglyphics in vitiligo population of vidarbha region of maharashtra india

Authors:Manjusha K Tabhane ,RN Dehenkar , DD Ksheersagar , KG Palikundwar , Anil S Rahule , MM Meshram
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3107-3114  |  PDF File


Background: Vitiligo is a common acquired idiopathic disease characterized by one or more patches of depigmented skin due to degeneration or disappearance of cutaneous melanocytes Dermatoglyphics which deals with epidermal ridges can be useful in early diagnosis of Vitiligo. This study was conducted to find whether any specific pattern of palmer dermatoglyphics exist for Vitiligo population of Vidarbha region of India. Materials and Methods: 100 Vitiligo cases with equal number of healthy volunteers were included in this prospective study. Palmer dermatoglyphic study was performed by using “Ink method” of Cummins. Results: Palmar patterns are significantly more in Vitiligo cases predominantly in hypothenar and thenar areas. Significant increase in number of palmar triradii is also seen. Distal displacement of axial triradii is seen in both male and female Vitiligo. 'atd’ angles and 'a-b' ridge count is also more in Vitiligo than control cases. Conclusion: Vidarbha region have specific differences in patients of Vitiligo as far as palmer dermatoglyphic patterns is concerned. The knowledge will be useful in the management of the disease.