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Partial and asymmetrical assimilation of atlas vertebra- a case report

Authors:Vandana R*, Ravikumar Bhandari , H S Kadlimatii
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(1): 2998-3000  |  PDF File


Assimilation is congenital fusion of atlas vertebra with the base of occipital bone; it may be partial or complete fusion. It is the most common anomaly found at the cranio-vertebral junction. This anomaly results due to failure in segmentation and separation of lower occipital sclerotome and 1st cervical sclerotome during development of fetus. The present case reports about partial and asymmetrical fusion of atlas with base of occipital bone. Therefore the knowledge of this osseous anomaly is important for neurosurgeons, orthopedician, anaesthetists and radiologists.