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Transfusion support in leukemic children- an institution based study

Authors:Subash S , Arun R , Joshua DJ , Saradha Suresh
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(2): 3062- 3065  |  PDF File


Background: In 30 patients with denovo acute myeloid and lymphoid leukemia (FAB classification), we compared the effectiveness of RBC and Platelet transfusion and the relation to increment of the transfused component was analyzed. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted in the Department of hematology, Institute of Child Health for a period of one year. All acute leukemic children in the age group of 1-12 years, diagnosed as acute lymphoblastic leukemia and acute myeloid leukemia requiring transfusion support was included in the study. Pre and post transfusion Hemoglobin level and platelet count were estimated. No of Packed Red cell and platelet units transfused were analyzed and post transfusion increment was analyzed. Results: Two hundred and fifty episodes of component transfusion given to 30 leukemic children were analyzed. Fifty two of them were packed red blood cells and 198 of them were platelets. There was a significant rise in platelet increment and hemoglobin increment post transfusion. Conclusion: All leukemic children who were transfused showed significant clinical improvement showing that there is a need for transfusion support in this group. Though transfusions were based purely on clinical signs and no transfusion trigger followed, there is a significant clinical improvement with transfusion of blood components in leukemic children. There were no cases of transfusion transmissible infections during the course of the study.