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Awareness about rhinoplasty among health care professionals in a tertiary referral centre – a cross sectional study.

Authors:Tanthry Deepalakshmi , Tanthry Gururaj , Devan PP, Kavitha A, Bhandary Rukma
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(1): 3007-3010  |  PDF File


INTRODUCTION:The development of image awareness among people in recent years has led totremendous advancements in the field of rhinoplasty. Health care professionals are the major source of guidance and referral to the general population. Hence a questionnaire based studywas done to assess awareness about rhinoplasty among health care professionals.MATERIALS AND METHODS: This questionnaire based cross sectional study was done in AJ Institute OfMedical Sciences , Mangalore, India. 60 female paramedical staff were given a questionnaire and the results were analysed. RESULTS: The age of the study group ranged from 20 to 29 yrs with a mean of 22.8+/-2.93.The educational qualification of parents was assessed.The study revealed that people undergo rhinoplasty for beauty, peer pressure and professional demands. According to 58 ,the major deterrents for undergoing rhinoplasty was fear for surgery, 2 financial constraints. 54 were well worsed with complications of rhinoplasty, 6 were not well informed. Among 54, 48 were aware of residual defect occurring after the procedure, 32 knew of peri orbital oedema, 26 thought of saddle nose as a complication and 12 considered pollybeak deformity. CONCLUSION:Despite the major progress in rhinoplasty there is a need to educate the general public about procedure and its complications. It is efficiently done by the health care professionals who reach out more to the general population than medical professionals.Hence a study was conducted among health care professionals to assess awareness about rhinoplasty.